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Wieweit meine Bestrebungen mit denen anderer Philosophen zusammenfallen, will ich nicht beurteilen. Ja, was ich hier geschrieben habe macht im Einzelnen ├╝berhaupt nicht den Anspruch auf Neuheit; und darum gebe ich auch keine Quellen an, weil es mir gleichg├╝ltig ist, ob das was ich gedacht habe, vor mir schon ein anderer gedacht hat.
-Ludwig Wittgenstein1

I have worked for the Virginia Community College System for all of my substantive career history, having served at Northern Virginia Community College, the Shared Services Center, and currently, the System Office. My role (as of January 2022) is that of Business System Analyst, wherein I troubleshoot, configure and develop our PeopleSoft enterprise systems, and assist in IT project work.

This gallery of my work was created only with the intent to share. I learned many of the skills and crafts I employ by studying websites such as this, so I wanted to give back, perhaps teaching, or inspiring others. I have noticed that the internet has gone from a collection of unique, personal, often obscure websites with original content, to a cesspool of memes and content-mill trash. I will maintain this webstie as long as I am able, to combat that trend.

Please enjoy perusing my website, and feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

1Of course I see the irony

Created by Sean Corron, April 2, 2011. Updated January 24, 2022.